Don't Call it Weight Loss

a female of drinking age residing in southern indiana.

a nutrition major trying to live up to her calling. working full time, going to school full time and working out in between.

it’s valentines week

which meant i got a lot of cookies and candy in the mail.

and just had a generally bad day for no good reason. so i ate a lot. 

then i bagged up the “bad food” in my cupboards. i’m going to donate it. i know technically you don’t want to give unhealthy food to the needy but it is so wasteful to just throw it away. plus, i figure for a kid who doesn’t eat a regular meal seeing a box of mac-n-cheese in the fridge would make the world seem brighter.

in other news i’ve upped my running routine from 5min walk, 20 min run, 5 min walk to 5 min walk, 25 min run, 5 min walk. my goal is by next week to run a full 30min at 6.0 pace. 

here’s to getting back on track.

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